1st Phase Q3 2021 - Q2 2022
Building out the core

Our main objective is to build out the core
DEX experience, as described on page 3.
We have made a lot of progress since the
fair launch on september 16th and will
continue to deliver on our roadmap until
the core platform is fully operational.

2nd Phase
Ecosystem development

This phase is centered around ecosystem
development, with features such as
derivatives trading (options) and stoplosses making their debuts. Staking to
participate in Staking Rewards will also be
possible towards the end of this phase.

3rd Phase
Going cross chain

The low fees and high trading volumes
makes BSC the ideal place to develop
our ecosystem before transitioning into
a multi-chain protocol. We will be adding
support for Ethereum, Polygon and
Solana next year.

4th Phase
Atomic Swaps

The need for decentralised bridges will
increase exponentially in the coming
years. PokeDX will offer fully P2P crosschain swaps for select pairs as early as
the end of 2022 to acommodate the
growing demand.