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BSC charts, swaps and portfolio dApp

NextGen DeFi trading

DEX aggregation, limit orders, derivatives trading and cross-chain swaps.
PokeDX is building the DeFi trading protocol of the future. Will you join the journey?

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The future of DeFi trading is here – and it’s called PokeDX

PokeDX is developing a fully featured DeFi trading suite for the Binance Smart Chain (and beyond) powered by the PDX token. A turnkey trading platform with all the features normally only available on centralised exchanges like Binance or Robinhood, coupled with dashboards to help keep track of your positions and tools to discover meaningful investment opportunities.

Get paid to HODL
30M total supply
liquidity locked
1800+ holders
Tokenomics: 2% is distributed to token holders and 2% goes towards the PDX/BNB liquidity pool on each transaction. Learn more.

DeFi trading, amplified

Current and next features

Realtime charts

We are building our own infrastructure to serve the fastest, most accurate charts on BSC. PokeCharts are powered by TradingView.

Token & Pair information

PokeDX gives you the most important token and pair information at a glance. We even show a live twitter feed and have a much more in the pipeline.

FIAT on-ramp

PokeDX offers the fastest way to buy and sell crypto securely. Buy crypto with credit card via our onramper integration. It's fast, simple, and secure.

Portfolio dashboard

Detailed wallet portfolio tracking, price/loss analysis, performance over time and much, much more is coming soon to PokeDX.

Aggregated swaps

PokeDX finds you the best prices across exchanges and combines them into one trade so you save time and money. This feature is coming soon.

Limit orders

The PokeDX limit order protocol will be compatible with most EVM chains and offer flexible and innovative features made possible by blockchain technology.

Development roadmap

We're currently building out the core features
1st Phase
Building the core DEX

Realtime candle charts (beta)

Transaction feed

Wallet balances overview

Token to USD conversion widget

FIAT onramp

Add to watchlist feature

DEX aggregator (v1)

Indexing OHLCV data for charts

Portfolio dashboard

SafetyScore (rugcheck)

Price Alerts

Plot trades to chart

Limit buy / sell orders

Track other wallets

Liquidity locker

Multiple watchlists

Export transactions to CSV

Q2-Q3 2022
2nd Phase
Ecosystem development

DeFi perpetuals

Stop loss / trailing stop loss

DCA bot

Legacy PDX Nodes 

IFO launchpad

Commercial API endpoints

Support for multiple languages

Support for multiple FIAT currencies

Token discovery page

Livechat feature

NFT profile picture

Rest of 2022
3rd Phase
Going cross chain

The low fees and high trading volumes makes BSC the ideal place to develop our ecosystem before transitioning into a multi-chain protocol. We will be adding support for Ethereum, Polygon and Solana first. Let us know in Telegram if we should add another chain to the list.

4th Phase
Atomic Swaps

The need for decentralised bridges will increase exponentially in the coming years. PokeDX will offer fully P2P cross-chain swaps as early as the end of 2022 to accommodate the growing demand.

Timelines are flexible. We must be agile and responsive to industry, technological and community needs. In fact, many of our existing and future features are community requests. So please do understand that this roadmap, especially for items outside of imminent release, is subject to change.


Utility and reflect token on BSC

A 4% fee is charged on each transaction. Max supply: 30,000,000. No more than 150,000 can be traded in 1 transaction.

The PDX token is a unit of value created to help PokeDX self-govern whilst empowering users (and other stakeholders) to interact with its products. Furthermore, it will facilitate the distribution and sharing of rewards and revenues to stakeholders once the staking contract is deployed. Team allocation: 10% (3,000,000 PDX)

Reflection (2%)

The reflection can be described as gas-less self-staking with payouts happening (automatically) with every transaction. The amount is conditional upon the volume being traded and is distributed proportionally to all existing HODLers. In plain terms; the more PDX you hold, the more you get with every transaction.

Automatic LP (2%)

The automatic liquidity generation increases the price-floor and provides users with perpetual entry and exit liquidity by programatically taking 2% of each transaction and adding it to PDX/BNB LP pool on PancakeSwap. This will eventually be phased out in favour of pure (4%) reflections. Learn more in the whitepaper.


Most frequent questions and answers
DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is an ecosystem of financial applications built on top of blockchain networks that aims to provide financial services without a centralized authority.
A decentralized exchange, or DEX, allows users to exchange funds through smart contracts without relinquishing custody over them until the exchange is finalized. Liquidity is provided to DEXes by individuals who supply a token pair (e.g. PDX and BNB) to a liquidity pool, which is then used by the DEX to facilitate trades on that pair.

First and foremost, PokeDX is building a DEX aggregation service. Aggregation services can be described as the pricerunners of DeFi, and are expected to continue to gain a bigger share of market at the expense of Automated Market Makers, or AMMs, like PancakeSwap. PokeDX source liquidity from multiple DEXs, thus saving users both time and money by comparing quotes and optimising gas costs to offer the best execution price. As the project matures, more sophisticated trading will be deployed. These will include limit orders and a DeFi derivatives protocol. Learn more in the PokeDX whitepaper.

Other value propositions include:

  • No account required. The tedious effort of registration, KYC, and paying the associated fees rapidly makes centralised exchanges an obsolete option. Simply connect to PokeDX and trade straight from your wallet.
  • Easy to use. Current trading platforms are cluttered and unintuitive. We believe that the key is simplicity. Cleaner tools make better trades.
  • Distraction-free trading. Whereas most dapps rely on ad revenue, we decided to keep PokeDX completely ad-free. Instead, we will feature tokens that contribute to the ecosystem.

Its unique in its design and user experience, ecosystem design and reward mechanisms (which include revenue sharing) and performance.

PDX is necessary to access subscription tiers and benefit from unlocking all of the features of the PokeDX ecosystem. Users simply have to hold PDX in their wallets to use a growing number of premium features. No monthly subscriptions.

Our approach to marketing is simple: to develop a trading platform so intuitive, versatile and powerful, that users will recommend it to friends automatically, and token teams will use it to give their communities the best experience. At the same time we realise that marketing is a big part of the crypto game, which is why we have hired a Marketing Manager whose tasks include (a) set up long-term deals with authentic influencers, (b) develop and execute on organic/paid marketing activities and (c) help grow our community across channels.

In addition to incentivising long-term behavior, the “tax” serves two main functions: (1) to reward holders and (2) increase the value of the LP pool, which will increase the price-floor over time.

Absolutely. In addition to the full audit by Techrate we have also performed an internal smart contract audit

PokeDX is currently listed on PancakeSwap. We wrote a step-by-step guide to help you get started, if you are new to DeFi. The guide covers everything from setting up your first wallet to buying BNB, which is used to get PDX. The guide is available for download here.