Max supply
Circulating supply
Team allocation
Max single tx
Fee on transfer

30,000,000 PDX
30,000,000 PDX
3,000,000 PDX
150,000 PDX (0.5%)
Binance Smart Chain
PancakeSwap V2

Utility token

Tokens are multi-purpose instruments and PDX is no exception. The PDX token is a unit of value created to help PokeDX self-govern whilst empowering users (and other stakeholders) to interact with its products. Furthermore, it will facilitate the distribution and sharing of rewards and revenues to stakeholders once the staking contract is deployed next year

Token distribution

100% of the max supply (30m PDX) is also the circulating supply, as we did not have any private sale or timelocks on team tokens. The launch on September 16th, 2021 was a fair launch with no upfront marketing on the teams part.

90% is circulating

We have set out to build a financially self-sustainable ecosystem, which is why we did not reserve any tokens for marketing and other activities.

10% in team wallets

Each dev (founder and two cofounders) received 900K PDX at the time of deployment. The last 300K PDX was sent to the PokeDX deployer address.